In Need of Plot Points

Story Description/Plot: You didn’t have the best reputation at Middleton High, but now you’re given a fresh, new slate. Will you change for the better or will you go back to your old roots?

Genre: Drama

Important Characters
Andria (MC)
Peyton (MC’s potential best friend)
Daniel (I might make him Peyton’s boyfriend and MC’s potential friend)
Andria’s Mom (She’s pregnant)

Sorry…! But whats the question your asking? Like the types of names for point systems?:thinking::face_with_monocle:

I was asking what I should add for this kind of story.

Ok. I don’t know if it’s me but I already likes your plot and the storyline

What I mean is what important scenes should I add to my story. I should’ve been clearer.

If you’re having trouble with plot I find that it’s good to write what you’re thinking in the moment. Before I started writing I made my characters and for each character I described every detail about them, e.g. who they are, what they do later on, are they important? Maybe side character? stuff like that. Then around that, you can start to build plot and important moments and scenes that will happen in the story. Before I start coding each episode I also write down a rough draft of what will happen in the episode. It’s hard but you get there. Currently I’m in a writers block so I was planning to write down what will happen next and get a clear idea

Thanks for the advice.

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I think it’d be interesting to show a breakdown of high school cliques in the MC’s new school. Instead of there being the popular mean kids, jocks who date cheerleaders, and the unpopular geeks/nerds, you could show aspects of high school you don’t see very often in fiction but pretty much everywhere IRL. The artsy kids, the band geeks, the kids who are leaders of 3 clubs and started a charity (probably the closest thing to popular kids IRL), etc, but with overlap. Like a kid who’s really into anime but is also dating a soccer player. Of course, each character would be more than their interests.
For instance, is the anime kid dating the soccer player because they also really like sports? Or maybe the two of them have a similar sense of humor.

Maybe Andria has to realize that high school cliques aren’t so cut-and-dry as she thought. She doesn’t want to be stereotyped into a single category, but she ultimately learns she can’t be who she wants others to see; the best version of herself she can be is her true self. (Maybe cliche, but it can definitely be done well!)

This probably isn’t a plot point so much as it is setting and character suggestions, but I hope these ideas help!

Thanks for the advice. I’m thinking about making Peyton a blonde, feminine, popular (and maybe rich) girl but instead of her being rude she is actually sweet and friendly. She also likes to work for her money instead of relying on her parents.

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