In need of reviews ;)

Hey people, so I’ve quit episode for a couple of months because school started and I got really busy, and now I’ve started writing again but I think I’m not really as skilled anymore. Anyway, I’ve finished two episodes of my story and I need honest reviews, like fr don’t lie to me because I’m actually planning on publishing this story but I feel like it has a lot of flaws and I just need people to give me their honest opinions. Thanks <3
Here’s the link to my story

Hi, I can read your story :slight_smile:

Hey and thank you so much :slight_smile: do you have any story that you’d like me to read ?

I’m still working on mine, lol. It may take a while until it’s actually published

Okie then…so what do you think of my story XD

-I really like the animations, like when salina braids her sister’s hair… so cute, lol
-Lol the fidget spinner
-Wait why are the inmates sharing a jail cell…?
-How the heck did they escape lol
-The second episode is a bit confusing…

The episodes are a bit short for my taste. I personally would prefer if they were longer. Also, I like how you give a bit of a background about her family and all, but I feel like it would be good if you talk about her financial problems a bit more and how she ended up in jail.

Also about the inmates sharing a jail cell I actually have no idea how jail cells work I just read a couple of stories that were like that but tbh I have no idea what I’m doing :woman_facepalming:t2: :sweat_smile:

Lol I’m not too sure about how jail’s function either… I just assumed that inmates wouldn’t share a cell because that would be a bit chaotic, haha :joy:

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