In need of Script partner

I am in need of help, since I cant seem to do it :sweat_smile:
I need someone to help me with my script, since I cant make any sense of it. Any help is is welcome, and greatly appreciated! A script partner would be nice to, if your open to it!
Thanks a lot for considering me!

What style are you using? Ink? Limelight?

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Aaaa I’m sorry I can’t helo with that I’ve only used ink if I were you I’d watch some tutorials as they helped me getting into writing, good luck with your writing

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Its alright- Thanks anyway for considering!

What kind of help do you need?

I need help with timing and placing characters in certain spots, as well as having them run around. Looking at the Directing help they offer doesn’t seem to help.

I’m fairly acquainted with Limelight, I can give you script help with errors and directing for sure, but I’m not always available, but I can help where and when possible :slight_smile: not so familiar with complex branching however.

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Thanks so much! I’m not always available to, so we would have to plan out ahead
Here is the link to my story ( i hope it works :sweat_smile:)

Or if there is another way you want me to share it please tell me