In need of skilled artist for my pfp!


Hello I’m Kaycee! I am fairly new to the forums and I am looking for a very unique pfp! I would want a very skilled artist who takes time in their work! I will definitely credit you in my bio!

I am looking for something in this kinda style…but not exactly

(I do not know who created this peice of art…so please no hate)

I also do not want to be sent to an art group!

Please send examples

And please be aware that I might decline your offer just because of the certain style I am looking for!

Much love


Hi I’m actually now starting pfp’s not sure if you’ll like it

Here are my examples



I think you would be perfect!
What details would you need?


Background, you can send a character screenshot or just the details and outfit. If you also want custom hairstyles or outfit I can do that as well


Here is a pic of my character

If you could have it shoulders and up that would be great…and she can have whatever expression you want!

And I don’t really care what background! Just whatever one looks the best


Do you want that pose as well


Noo I just want her to smile!


Okay kool


Thanks and take your time!


Sure np and I will


i think this was made by @episode.halle. Maybe you can request from her,


Hi I’m done with the pfp hope you like it

Click Me


Omg that’s flipping perfect!!! That’s amazing thanks


Your very welcome