In need of some backgrounds

I’m looking for some backgrounds
-living room

  • bathroom
  • bedroom

Here are a couple bedroom background I’ve made. Some are definitely better than others lol. If you use one, just credit my IG (samaria.writes)


It didn’t work

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it said this

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You may need to resize them ! I recommend using

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how do i use that website

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still didn’t work

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Do you want me to resize them for you? I can do it for you. I just need to know how many zones you want. :blush:

yes. 3 zones

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Alright! Let me get you both!

thank you sooo much

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Of course!

Here you go! Make sure to click on the image so it fits the full screen then download it so it’s the right dimensions. :blush:

Please let me know if it doesn’t work.


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Hmm. Maybe try this website?

How to use it:

Put the image in the “select image” portion by selecting it. After you do that, select “dimensions” and put “1920” in the first box and “1136” in the last box.

It looks like this now

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Strange…are you sure you put “1920” and “1136”?

It should look like this:


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It doesn’t look like that?

oh it worked thank u so much

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Yep! No problem! I’m glad we got the problem fixed! Have a great rest of your day/night/afternoon!

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