In need of some backgrounds


In need of a couple backgrounds:
-College/Dorm Hallway
-A college dorm living room area
-Front of house

I would be greatly appreciative for any help! :blush:


How is this i got a night version too






Yes! I love this one! It is literally fits perfectly for the vibe i am going for the family! Would it be okay if I borrowed this? The one with the orange couch.


What do you use to create those? They are great by the way :wink:


You can use it ill send the night version


I use Picsart and find overlays also Thanks!!


Thank you so much! How should I credit you?


No credit needed :smiley:


Oh, wow really! I will still credit you. Since I literally did nothing to get this background. :blush:




It’s true. I feel very awkward asking for backgrounds. But I don’t want to use the episode backgrounds unless necessary. :joy: But I mean if you really don’t want me to credit you I won’t…


You dont have to i dont mind lol


Ok, I won’t. Thank you by the way. :blush:


Np :sunglasses:


I have another question do you know how to do overlays? Or suggest an app to use to make overlays.

#17 this has many good overlays


Thanks. :blush: