In need of some characters!

Hey guys i am in need of some characters for my story feel free to share any thought about this!! u can also DM me in insta if u wish!!
Instagram: @episode.angelindisguise
And this is the story i will be needing characters for that too in ink


Make sure you check out my story first so u can understand the plot line of my story

The spots available are

  1. One bestie for each of MCs that is 3 bestie spots!!

  2. Werewolfs Pack Members - 6 or more with some persons as mates you can choose your mates looks too
    There are two packs
    1.Night howlers
    Luna - spot taken
    Alpha - availabe
    Beta - spot taken
    5 members needed
    2. Pack name yet to be decided
    Alpha - spot taken
    Luna - spot taken
    Beta - available
    members needed - 6

  3. Right hand for the black witch - 1

  4. Young wolves (Kids) - 1(M) 1(F)

  5. Vampires- ALL your eyes will be WHITE!! i will be needing a coven of vampires
    atleast with a members of 5 in each

    1. Coven 1
      Head - 1 with ur wife or husband- spot taken
      Members - 5
    2. Coven 2
      Head - 1 with ur wife or husband
      Members -4

    The head can choose the name make sure the name is unique it can be a male or female

  6. Guards - 5

  7. Maids - 3

  8. Prince of utopia - 1 (elder)

  9. Magical stones protectors - 1 (M)

  10. Black witch supporters - 3 boys 3 girls
    That’s all i can remember now!! And werewolf pack select your names make sure its unique

Here’s the form:


Ur char name:
Character features (like body color,eyebrow,etc):
What role you want them to play:

If i have liked your comment that means your character will be added in my story

Roles assigned

Thank you!!


Name: Naomi

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Select your role pls and have any pack name ideas??


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Name: Kendall (Kennedy)
Role: Luna

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MCs bestie or Alpha

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MC’s Besties

Nickname: Fang


Nickname: Moonie



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Name: Amira
Role: Mcs best friend

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Moved to Art Resources since this is for character details. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics, and feel to PM me if there are any questions. :wink:

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Name: Zara
Role: Magical Stone Protecter

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The girl MC best friend

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Name: Bhaddie or Diana :joy:
Character role: vampire
Character deets:

Skin tone: Olive
Hair style: diva curls or straight
Hair color: white
Eye shape and color: upturned feline Auburn or silver
Nose: elven/upturned
Lips: full round plum
Eyebrows: mature round/ seductive arch

C h a r a c t e r s

Magical Stone Protector


Trainer of MC

Magical Stone Protector

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MC’s besties?


Sakura: Princess of Utopia?
Violet: Magical stone protector?

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Role: Coven 1 head wife


Role: Witch


Role: Young wolf


Role: Young wolf


Role: Young wolf


Role: Coven 1 Head


Role: Young wolf


Role: Magical Stone Protector


Role: Young wolf

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Your character is gonna be in chapter 6. Feel free to check it out!!

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Ok. I will.

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Okay guys from now on if anyone wants to be a character in my story. Fill the form in the given link