In need of some cover art for my story

Thanks for checking out my post :heart:
In need of some cover art for my story. Please message me here if you can help & what you need from me :heart: . Thank you :blush:

is it ink or limelight?


okay, i may be able to do it. i don’t wanna say yes before i ask a few questions.

how many characters?

Awesomeness!! Only two characters.:grinning:

i can probably do it! :))

you can send all the details here or through a private message/PM :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much!!

skin color: peach
brow: thin arch
hair: short cropped hair (black)
eyes: sloping innocent (blue)
face: defined triangle
nose: button
lip: uneven (terracotta)
skin color: light
brow: thin angled
eyes: round bold (taupe)
face; round
nose: upturned
lip: full round (terracotta)
hair: beach wave hair (black)

Let me know if you need any other deets from me .

thank you! — details i need:

  1. poses
  2. background
  3. title & author name
  4. genre
  5. official description
  1. poses: ink female: idle_smoking ink male: arms_crossed_angry
  2. background:
  3. title & author name: Venomous Cure by Melissa Becerra
  4. genre: romance
  5. official description:

Cassandra Moreno is a straight A student at Blueford Academy. As she’s always so upbeat and your classic smart butt. She comes from a troubled past. With your uncle being chief of police, she can’t help but blame him for the death of her brother Miguel Angel. As the family copes with their loss ; you have on the other side of New York your classic gang and mafias and of course with that comes your classic rivalries. Los Altos is the most feared gang of New York, with non other than Vinchenzo Yagali Sorrentino as the leader. Vinchenzo comes from a powerful family, he has his beautiful wife and two sons.One being Andre the heir to Los Altos ; and Vincent second in line. Andre Is your typical playboy always running into trouble, with andre being so cold and ruthless, wether he likes it or not he feels at ease and tamed when around Cassandra. Having someone so upbeat and bright he can’t help to realize his world can come tumbling down with her not being of his nature or of his family’s kind. But he’d risk it all because she’s his Venomous Cure :black_heart:

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Here is the background i’d like:


it sounds super good! i’ll def get started on your cover :))

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Aww thank you so much it means a lot!

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i hate to say this but i can’t make the cover :confused: unfortunately school is coming up & a lot of things are happening that prevents me from having free time to do a cover. i’m also not comfortable with my art style but i genuinely hope you find someone. again, i’m so sorry & i apologize from the bottom of my heart. good luck on your story! :heart:

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No worries & I totally understand. Best of luck with school :+1:t2: & have more confidence in your art , I’m sure it’s great . Thank you again .


Hey I could do it!

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That would be amazing :heart_eyes:

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Of course I can start tonight I’m on vacation right now so it might take me till friday!

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Thank you :blush:

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