In need of some feedback!

I need some (multiple) feedback one and… a half chapters of my story.

Any tips on how I could make the story more captivating would be nice, but overall I just need a first impression on it.

Please DM me for the link! Thank you in advance.

Bump :smiling_face_with_tear:

Bump! :alien:

I’ll do it!

How honest do you want me to be?

Extremely honest. :triumph:

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Hi! I’ll take the link!


Okay I’ll try, I’m a bit busy RN but I’ll do it this week for sure

Can you PM the story name and the author name (Incase it’s not simmilar to the one you use on the forums). I don’t need the link becuase I don’t have the episode app on my phone so I won’t be able to use it. I use an emulator.

It’s not published yet so the only way to access it would be through the link. :frowning:

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Oh really? You can send a link to an unpublished story and people can see it?

you can, yes.

What if the story is shorter than 3 chapters?


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Oh my god seriously? I could have people test my mini games even if I have only 1 chapter?

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That’s awesome!

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