In need of some ideas

I’m currently going in detail of a story I’ve been planning and I’m creating some conflict. I need ideas on this one part.

There’s an ‘it’ group of this story, they’re basically a group of the most popular group at this high school the MC (Eleanor) attends. One of the members, Peyton, has a crush on a guy, Logan, who that MC happens to spend a lot of her time with. Peyton confronted Eleanor, and Eleanor mad a snarky remark that angered and embarrassed her. The group (mostly the girls) already had a problem with Eleanor, and this was the last straw. Peyton told the girl about what had happened, and they decided that they wouldn’t let this slide and decided to get revenge against Eleanor.

They create a plan to get revenge against the MC, but I’m unsure of what they’re plan is going to be. I want this plan to be thought out carefully by the group, so it is going to be a plan that takes a while and is more long-term. Does anyone have any ideas on what they could do?

They could generically make some sort of bet with Eleanor (since bets are pretty typical and used often) relating to spending time with Logan or befriending him and that later biting her in the ass after she actually becomes friends with him.

Or they could gradually spread negative rumors about Eleanor that actually have some truth to them and Logan of course finds out the truth behind the rumors and it negatively (or positively…?) pushes them further apart of closer together.

Perhaps Eleanor could have a past that she isn’t proud of and the girls use it to paint her in a negative light in the present/future.

These are all pretty cliché but they were the first things to come to mind. :face_with_peeking_eye: I might add more later if I think of any.

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Hey, thanks for the ideas. The first one unfortunately wouldn’t work that well, because Logan and Peyton wouldn’t get along that well, due to their personalities.

The second idea could possibly work, however, I plan on having the group do things like this already, and I think their new plan would be more over the top.

I really like the sound of the third idea, she definitely has things that she isn’t proud of, however, I’m not really sure how Peyton could find out about it. Maybe I could figure it out.

I meant a bet between Peyton and Eleanor regarding Eleanor spending time with Logan, not Logan and Peyton hanging out or having to get along. Sorry it wasn’t clear. :frowning_with_open_mouth:

You’re welcome!

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