In need of some names

So I need some names because I just can’t think of any… can someone help me?

Here are some that I just thought of randomly:

Ashlea Saunders
Bonnie Henderson
Ammara Rayner

Jackson Vernago
Kent Jacobson
Benjamin Lofirgos

Or you could just use a name generator to save time :slight_smile:


Behind the Name


These are my favorite places to go find some names. The second one I like because you can decide how things end, like “…iah” or something and it’ll give you all those, but the layout isn’t as nice as Behind the Name. Behind the Name has some better origin, too, I think. Also, Behind the Name has a sister site where you can find some surnames.

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i have a long list of first and last names in the notes app of my phone, because i have trouble coming up with names on the spot too. i recommend watching the end credits of a show or movie and writing down the names that catch your eye — that’s what i do!

now, for the names…


  • eleanor (nell as a nickname)
  • helen/a
  • violet
  • farah
  • lakshmi


  • troy
  • shane
  • raj
  • santiago
  • isaiah

gender neutral

  • taylor
  • kai
  • jude
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This might be helpful

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