In Need Of Some New Backgrounds

Okay so here’s the situation…
One of my friends who is amazing at the art of Photoshop was helping me do my backgrounds and overlays but they are now longer able yo do it for me. Is there anyone available that would be up for helping me? I mostly only ever need backgrounds because I’m terrible at making them but any help is accepted.

Background Ideas Include…
Custom Character Graves
Ultrasound Room
Notebook w/ clues
Suspect Folders

Anyone who can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. I’m currently working on a new story for the Clue contest and I’m a little on the struggle bus. Thanks all!

Sure! I’d like to help you! Check out my examples if you’d like!


Artist & Staff
Plethora HQ


I can help with those two

That would be amazing. Message me on Instagram and I’ll send you some pictures of the characters and stuff that I would need…

I don’t have an instagram. Can you pls pm me here?