In need of some outfit inspiration πŸ™ƒ (urgent)

I’m having difficulties in making an outfit. My character is conservative. Therefore, no cleavage not showing her legs (unless it’s shorts).

Anyone, leave your outfits. Please stay away from pinks or purples :upside_down_face::two_hearts:.

I just need some ideas (inspiration) LOL :laughing:!

Give me some fashion sense :sob::joy:

Thanks for the help!


Sweatpants and long sleeves?

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How about some simple, jeans with long sleeves, maye a scarf if you want to hide the cleavage, i wanted to make some outfits for you to see but my wi fi is horrible, if my wi fi decides to behave i can make some outfit ideas for you.



Here is one, I just created on my phone.

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@tiff_episode and @vee3

Thanks for the suggestions, but I wanted to see some outfits lol.

Don’t worry about the WiFi, when you can :upside_down_face:.

Again thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

:slightly_smiling_face:, hm.

Yeah, I don’t know about the boots. But the fit is nice, might switch some things up. But thank you :blush:

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Of course, I just created with my style so it won’t suit all but I tried.

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:+1:, mhm.

Thanks again!

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Some I created:

I don’t know your preference so feel free to use it and change it up.

Outfit Ideas

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I don’t have outfits, but when I need one I just look at Olivia O’Brien’s looks and old photos and I get inspired lol I hope this helps

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I like the first one :slightly_smiling_face:, thank you.

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:slight_smile:, I’ll check her out.

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Ooo, I like them. Thank you so much :slight_smile:.

If you use them , you can credit me on ig @episode._.lexy

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There nice that’s for sure, but not what I’m looking for. But thank you for contributing, you did left me some good ideas that came to mind.

Thank you :blush:

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bump :upside_down_face:

Girl if you still need you can tell me some details and i will make some for you!

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For sure :blush: but I am a little picky when it comes to outfits matching with each other. In other words, I don’t want them looking like clowns. Yah know?

Anyways here are her deets !

Darya’s details

Body Type: Female Athletic body
Skin tone: Copper 2
Eyebrows: Arched Natural
Eyebrow color: Black Dark
Hairstyle: Long Wavy Blowout
Hair color: Light Brown
Eye shape: Deepest Upturned Wide
Eye color: Grey Cool
Face shape: Diamond
Nose shape: Defined Natural
Lip shape: Full Round Pouty
Lip color: Pink Peach Medium Matte

Remember, I want her to be conservative.

Her persona :tipping_hand_woman:t2: is a but hectic atm. I don’t want her in fancy clothes atm. Just something casual like a tank top and some jeans!

Have fun creating some outfits :two_hearts::upside_down_face:

Thanks !

Here are the outfits, you know how to credit me:

If you want something else, don’t hesitate to tell me :heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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