In need of some splashes

Hi guys!!! I need the following splashes:

Chapters 1-5
Quote splash
thanks for reading splash
ig splash

Please tell me if you can make them…

I can go here

I’d rather the details just be sent here though.

I’d like to. :blush:

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Ok do you have a background

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ok Aly here are the deets:
for 1-5

I need it to have a gun background and dangerous text

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I have a bold font, would that be okay?

AKA my usual font.

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for the quote font I would like it to say

“I might be crazy but you love me so what does that make you?”

for the thanks for reading splash, I need it to say

“Thank you for reading! But remember this is a fictional story, do not stoop low to the level of the characters”
and foor ig:

I want it to say
“Follow me on Instagram @amani182_episode for updates, sneak peeks, announcements, shoutouts, and art!”

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sorry @alexavelasquez12345 do you mind if @epi.alyssaa did it?? Because shes a close friend of mine…

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Did you want all of the splashes with the same BG?

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Its not fair ugh

I’m sure you can find many more requests around the forum, I’m really sorry…

I’m sorry, yh I know, but I also have to choose who’s art I prefer.

for 1-5


thanks for reading


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