In need of some writer friends!

Hi all!

I would love to connect with anyone 23+ who is interested in talking about writing etc! I don’t have any writer friends or anyone who takes interest in reading so I would love to meet some new people who do :two_hearts:


Unfortunately i’m 17 :cat_shocked:

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I’m a fellow writer who is just starting out. Unfortunately I’m still 22, but if you’re interested, you can always message me!


I’m still 20, but if you’re interested I’m here :hugs:


I’m a lot younger than 23, but I’d love to befriend you, talk about writing, and read your stories! If that’s fine with you ofcourse<3


Hi, I’m not 23 but 21 so if you’re interested you can obviously PM me. Thank you

way younger than 23 but if you’re up for it im good with that!