In need of someone to edit a background for my story!

Hi, I am currently writing my story and I am in need of a background. On episode, there is currently a background called INT. TV CLOSE UP2 - DAY and I would like the another background EXT. GRIFFITH PARK - DAY on the inside of the tv. So it looks like you are watching something on tv not just a blue screen. I have tried to make this background but it doesn’t seem to work. So would someone be able to do it for me ? It would be really appreciated.




Thank you!!! :smiley:

How’d you do that?

I know how she did it

But I don’t know how to explain it

i use photoshop. I cut an copy the blue screen for another layer, then a clip the backgound in this blue screen.

Photoshop… Website?

I use the software. but there is this online version here:

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Oh, thanks!