In Need Of Someone To Help Me Start A Story :]

Hey Everyone! I’m looking for someone to help me write the beginning of my story or in other words an introduction. I pretty much already have an idea of how I want to start it, but when I code it, it doesn’t seem quite right. I’m just looking for someone to help me with that special hook :]

What are you looking for?

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I Want To Write A Story About Best Friends, But They Wouldn’t Be Best Friends At A Young Age. They’d Become Friends Over Time. I Was Thinking Of Skipping The Whole Waking Up And Getting Dressed For The First Day Of School Part And Skipping Right To The Action. It’s Not Going To Be A Story About A Girl Who Moves To New Town Exactly. It’d Be About A Girl Who Seeks Independence And Hardship, So Her Parents Let Her Go To A Boarding School On Her Own.


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Still Looking :slight_smile:

HEY I could help just need a little bit more info like how many episodes you would like? are there anything that the characters discover? what do you want to make the over all story to look like? ik this may seem like bs or whatever but if you still want help lemme know pm me lol hopefully I can help you and that helps me because I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do for my episode but u know stupid writers block I have no idea how I wanna start my story :joy: