In need of someone who speaks chinese!

So I need a little bit of help to do a translation for me. I want one of my characters to speak chinese in a scene and I would appreciate if someone could help me with some translations. Just a few sentences, nothing much (:

If you haven’t found anyone yet I recommend:

  • This website for any translations. It’s very good and proffesional.

  • What I do is write their sentences in a different color than usual and add a disclaimer what language it is. Example:

    readerMessage Sentences written in |color:teal| teal |reset| are spoken in Chinese. with messageTitle Disclaimer
    |color: teal| He said he´d meet me here. Where is he?



Thank you so much! I’ll definitely be using it <3


Heyyy, I am not sure if you have already found someone yet, but if not, I can help! :smile:

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Heyyy, I would gladly use some of your help, I DM you!!


I can also help if you ever need it in the future, but I’m glad you found someone! Good luck with the story!

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Thank you very much! (:

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