In Need Of Story Cover (LL, DRAWN)

Hi there, the title says it all…

I’m really in need of a story cover, and I haven’t been on here enough in the past few months so I’m having trouble finding an artist who can do this for me.

It’s a two-person cover for a romance story that I’ll be publishing in the future.

PLEASE let me know if you or someone else can do this! If you can, send me some examples of your work xx.

Hi! I can do this for you :heart:. If you could follow my Insta so we can talk on there, since I’m much more active, that would be better. And then I can send you examples and everything through there. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I could do it if you’d like ! my insta is @epy_thea

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@theaepy @Kenzie.epi thank you! i’ll contact you both.
just to clarify as i forgot to mention this above, this is free right?

Yes. Also, my Insta is @KenzieO.epi

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I messaged you