In need of story ideas

I’m planning on writing a novel that i may turn into and episode story but, i can’t think of anything. If you have some ideas please share them, i may even use them for future stories. Thanks


Forced to keep quiet, Emily looked around the brick building. She could hear the cool night air rush past her. Looking to see if the coast was clear, she bolted to the next dumpster. Before these men and women in cars with blue and red lights follow her. Emily’s stomach roared with hunger. She closed her eyes with fear as she heard footsteps. Clutching onto her mother’s pocket watch, a tear dropped. She knew what will happen again…she would go back to the orphanage.

This idea is pretty much how a young girl tries to start a life outside of an orphanage…


Here are just some random ideas that could turn into something else!:grin:

  • you are a surgeon that has a very important client, and the client is in a life or death situation. You mess up and the patient dies. You wake up the next day and relive the same day! You keep relieving the day until you don’t kill the patient. But why?

  • you are the last one left on earth… who can hear!! Everyone else around you for some reason can not hear a thing. You must be able to help everyone hear again before the cure is gone forever!

  • you wake up in a place you don’t recognize, you look around and realize that you are in a world where humans never existed!! Are you the only human there? Is there some other inteligent life form instead of humans? Or are there only animals on this planet? How will you get back to the world of humans?