In need of story name!

Heya! I need a name for my story.

Basically the story is drama and romance. The plot is that there is a popular girl who’s in love with this one boy. Someone is trying to sabotage their relationship and in general make the girl’s life miserable. It all will come down Prom night. Soooo ideas?

Also, you can suggest me some names for the characters too!

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Okay okay I can help.

Sabotaged (love)

In To Deep


Liam. Grace.
Ian. Faith.
Jack. Bree.
Jacob. Hope.
Alex. Ally.
James. Miranda.

Idk if you would like this name but I’ll write it here anyway :grin:

Love in Danger

And I was thinking if you could give the names some hidden meaning or use the first letters of their names to form a word. (Like in story Adrenaline - Andre & Liane)


  • for girl : Londyn; Loreena, Loriana, Lottie, Lowery, Lockie, Louise, Lolita, Louisiana,…
  • for boy : Vern, Verdi, Vernon, Vexen, Vester, Vegas,…

Or vice versa, the girl name beginning with ’ve’ and boy name beginning with ’lo’

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Thank you!

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Tysm! And that could be quite cool :slight_smile:



When you suck at titles

Feel ya! :joy:

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I can’t think of a title, but here’s some names:

Girl: Lalun, Jumi, Eka, Lisia, Loretta, Lenora, Anita
Boy: Nate, Charity, Blake, Charon, Erick, Yungo, Kalani