In need of story recs!💛

Y’all recommend me some stories, in need of a good read​:relaxed: Feel free to drop your own as well!:yellow_heart::heavy_heart_exclamation:


:grinning: :+1:
this are some of the storys that I read recently
Switch my Alusza
Sorceress’ Heart by Fluffy Rice (I really recommendd)
The Wolf in dishuise by Eevie
The Lake by J.Milye
Burning Waves by Akasha Seavue

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Adding them to my read list, thank you!:slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Hello. This is my first story, so I hope you like it.

Name: We Belong Together
Author: Jae27
Genre: Romance
Chapters: 11 (more coming soon)
Style: LL
Description: Cassidy is the schools queen bee who rules with an iron fist. Nathanial is a nerd new to the hive. When she finds out who he is, she re-examines herself and her relationships.

Social media accounts: None lol.

Would love to know what you think.

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You can read mine…It’s a ROM-COM… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Some good stories I have read recently:
Blood Eclipse by Aurora.KK
Shrew by Amber J.
Tiebreaker by Melish
Summer of 99’ by Sophie M.

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I hope that you’ll enjoy this short and cute story!:blush:



I have two stories, maybe you’ll like them? :heartpulse:

LGBTQ+ romance/drama story in INK

Story name: Forbidden Love
Author: Lili Star
Genre: LGBTQ+/Romance/Drama
Amount of chapters: There are 9 chapters revamped for now!
Story description: It’s not easy being forcedly engaged to a prince. Especially not when you fall in love with his gorgeous sister, which is extremely forbidden in your own kingdom.
My Instagram: @lili_on_episode
Small cover:

Mystery/Fantasy story in LL

Story title: Imaginary Friend
Author: Lili Star
Genre: Mystery/Fantasy
Amount of chapters: 5 for now!
Story description: Being the most unpopular boy in school, Tyler finally gets himself a friend. A friend with a secret, who nobody claims to see…
Story link:
My Instagram: @lili_on_episode
Story covers:

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Hey j.lota,

Thank you for this thread. You can read my stories ’Cat Paws And Wolf Claws’, ‘Little Star’ LL, ‘For HIS Sake’, and/or ‘The Runaway Groom’ LL and INK.

Number 1:

Cover Cat Paws And Wolf Claws:

Title: ‘Cat Paws And Wolf Claws’

Author: AngelWings

Instagram: @angelwings_1983

Genre: Fantasy

Style: LL

Episodes: 9 (More are following!!)

Link Cat Paws, Wolf Claws:

Description: You, a 49 year old female werecat, find an 9 year old orphan at your doorstep. What secrets will unfold, when you decide to take care of him??? No CC, Fantasy, Romance, choices… Female MC Male LI

Number 2:

:point_right: :point_right: 7/8 episodes, more are following:

Links The Runaway Groom:

Cover The Runaway Groom:

Description: You, a bi-male, runs away the 15th time at the aisle. What are you going to do if number 16 is the first one that ran away from you?? Male MC, Male LI, comedy, little bit of mafia and LGBTQ+

Number 3:

:point_right: :point_right: And now my pride, my baby:

Title: ‘For HIS Sake’

Author: AngelWings

Instagram: @angelwings_1983

Genre: LGBTQ+

Style: LL

Episodes: 21 (More are following!!)

Description: After a tragedy you decide to turn your life upside down. You quit your job and has one friend left. That changes when you meet him… Your LI… :wink: 18+ Male MC, Male LI CC, LGBTQ+



Small cover FHS

Number 4:

Link Little Star:

Cover Little Star:

** Description:** Your husband and you are trying to get children for years… finally she’s there… but she’s born dead… (LL) CC, Choices, 1 LI.

For a final special revamp (So, better not read it. :wink: ) :

  • Little Star INK (After revamp it’s complete)


  • The Door Is Open LL (After revamp it’s complete)


  • The Door Is Open INK (After revamp it’s complete)


  • The Search of Thomas f*ing White (LL) (Still continues after revamp…)


  • Bounded Minds (INK) (Still continues after revamp…)


  • Bounded Minds (LL) (Still continues after revamp…)


Happy reading!!

Love A-W

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I recommend endzone


Here’s my story :blush:

Author : Simi.a

Title : Apply pressure

Genre : Drama

Style : limelight

Instagram : simia.stories

Description : A strong-willed engineer. A billionaire CEO. They’re both fighting for what they can’t have. Can they beat the odds stacked against them? or will the pressure crush them both?


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Thanks a lot for this thread! Here’s mine in case you like to check it out :pleading_face:

Story Title: The Tale of Alynthia
Genre: Adventure(with Comic Elements)
Style: Limelight
Chapters: 13 (Ongoing)

Link to the Story:

My IG: @mukta.episode
I hope you enjoy! :blue_heart::blue_heart:

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you can check out mine if you want, its complete with 3 chapters :purple_heart:

Dreams of the Past

Title: Dreams of the Past
Genre: (Psychological) thriller/Mystery
Description: An alluring stranger and a ghastly girl on a pier dressed in all the rings of past fatalaties. Expect the unexpected.
Status: Complete

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Hi :slightly_smiling_face:

If you’re interested, you could check out one of my stories.

Here is one of my stories:
Title: Because of US
Plot: Celine was Bryan’s once-in-a-lifetime kind of love, the one that lit an unquenchable flame in him, yet their paths went separate ways. What will happen when he sees her again?
Genre: Drama&romance
CC: Full customization
Episodes: 14 (ongoing)
Art scenes: Yes
Instagram: @kerli.episode

Another story of mine:
Title: More of US
Plot: After getting together with the love of her life, a rock star Christian, Adriana finds herself in the middle of a wicked game. Will they find their happy ending in each other?
Genre: Drama&romance
CC: Full customization
Episodes: 13 (ongoing)
Art scenes: Yes
Instagram: @kerli.episode

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If anyone could take the time to read mine I would extremely appreciate it!

Story: The Unwanted
Genre: Mystery
Insta: @evilyn.writes
Episodes: 10
Style: Ink

15 years since we’ve been deemed useless and deported to Earth. Now, we reunite to solve the supernatural murders and as past becomes present, our mistakes become fatal…

Advanced directing/ overlays etc.


If not I recommend
Anything by Kayla S
Anything by Ariel C
Dead or Alive by Sargym
Rogue by Blaise
Armed Shots by Laura

Thanks :hugs:

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You can read mine if you want :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

All Over Again [4]
Genre : Drama
Style : Limelight
Description : She has everything Beauty, Talent & Money. But what will happen when a certain someone come back to her life? Will she be able it give in?

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Title: Eat Stake
Author: Sinead O’Neill
IG: sinead.fictionist

Story Description

You exist to eliminate Athan Raynor, a dark and powerful being. Will your destiny prevail, or will you fall under his thrall?
(full cc, choices, advanced directing, music/sound, mini-games, art scenes)

Eat Stake link


Hi there!

this is mine :relaxed:

Story: Recurring Love
Author: Chey_episodes
Genre: Romance/Drama
Style: LL
Episodes: 1-10(more coming soon)
Description: Charming Dwayne your first love. What if he keeps coming back into your life? Is he your great love? Or will you move on with your life LL 1LI Choices
Instagram: chey_episode

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Recurring love

Checkout this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along!


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Heyy!:heart::sparkles: hope you’re doing great!:sparkles::heart:
Please check out these amazing stories from the respected authors!
Made in hell by arch
Stormbreaker by arch
Butterfly kisses by bri
How to feel by elina
The Smith’s by pita r
Godparented by lishloowho
Reckless crush by ella&heather
Listing war by shayla
High maintenance by Ji
Laying on your feet by jasmin lilac
Raising Daisy by liz chris writes
Unlock my heart by ria
There’s no Accounting for taste by marianna escalante
Blinded by love by beanstalk
Crazy college mates by beanstalk
Fake fangirl by Alusza
It’s now or never by Gerr
Anyone but you by Janine Delaney cruz
My butter half by priyanka!