In need of story viewer/ proof reader

I need someone who’s willing to criticize me on things to work on, fix or do. im also open to people who would wanna co-author which im completely fine with as well!


I’ll proof read for you :relaxed:

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I am a proofreader and would love to work for free :innocent: I am a certified professional in English (CPE, grade B2 which is the second highest grade after C1) by Cambridge so I’ll be able to help you with sparking new ideas, checking the grammatical errors, providing a new perspective :blob_hearts:
If interested, PM me?


you can check my Coding service thread if you are looking for someone to co-write or coding.

I also do beta-reading for free (for now) :smile:

You can check my insta @/tessa_writez as well

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Hi love I can do both but my services are paid