In need of TWO vase overlay

I need two overlays of a vase one should be broken and the other one should be like a normal vase.
both the overlays should be of a same kind of a vase.
hope I made myself clear


I couldn’t find the exact same one tho.


Broken Vase

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Tysm for your help but I need them to be exact same :pensive:



Hi! If you can give me a vase you like me to make a broken version from, I’d be happy to help!

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I’m not sure if these are any good to you or not :heart:


A broken version of this vase please

I can mail you the transparent version as I’ll be using it as an overlay

Sure! Do you need the flowers to be in there as well? They’re quite highly rendered so I’m not sure if I can manage to make them

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It’s fine without the flowers

Can you send me A link to the transparent version like wetransfer or smth?

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Lmk if this doesn’t work

It’s watermarked and I’d rather not register :sweat_smile: you could dm me, sometimes that works for png on the forum

Shall I mail it to you?

I’ve DM’d you :wink:

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