In need of urgent help (Character designs, outfits and animations)

I’m writing (actually converting) and old INK story to LL. The story revolves around military, but LL doesn’t have military outfits like INK does. Can anyone help me create an outfit that resembles INK’s military outfits?

Here’s what I have:

For males:

For females:

I know they are not the best, so if anyone can come up with a better one that has both green top and bottom, I’d appreciate it.

Should I wait for outfits to come or publish with these two outfits as the training clothing? :confused:

  • Don’t wait, publish.
  • Wait for the official outfits, don’t publish.

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Another problem. None of the art styles have a salute animation. So I’m going to use raise hand animation. I could do overlays but that would take a lot of time and hard to create.

Are you okay with this animation?

  • Yes. Good enough
  • No. Could be better/use overlays.

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