In need of urgent overlays! ❤️


Hey! Could anyone please help me and make some overlays?

  • Overlays of one of each of the Fringe Long Gemmed Earrings with a pointy end, all the colors. (LL)
  • Overlays of the Ringed Long Chain Necklace, all the colors. (LL)
  • And overlays of the Strapped Accented Watch Face, all the colors (LL)
    I’m sorry if it’s too much and if you don’t understand what I mean then just ask. :heart: xx


check out Liberty Art Official Request Thread


All the clothes in the art catalog are PNG, so you can just right-click on them and save them :blush:


I thing someone else is going to do it but thank you!


OMG I NEVER KNEW THIS!!! You are a great person for sharing this with the world thank you!!!


Oh! thats what you mean!!! thank you so much!




:joy::wink: no problem :grin:


No problem :grin::smile: