In Need of Various Art Products ! **WILL GIVE CREDIT EACH EP!**

Alright homies, I know I could go and request a bunch of things from different threads, but if i’m being honest, I really don’t want to put the same information down on like 20 different threads. I’ll put the basic’s down here, and if you want anything else, feel free to PM me! I’m going to put a blurb and a few things down about what i need below, as well as the kind of art I would like. If you’re down to help me out, just lmk!

Title: A Winter’s Fright

Blurb: A girl finds out that her fathers odd death was due to vampire’s, and so now she has to be protected by vampire hunters and yada yada so TWILIGHT VIBES!

What I’m Looking For: Anything winter-y, snow-y, and vampire-y. Literally, just like Twilight with that romance part (;

Art Needed:

Large Cover
Beginning Splash
End Splash

Thank you so much- and if you have any questions, PM me!!

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Hi, I can do it, if you want. If you want you can send me the details of the characters and pose and outfits and backgrounds needed for different arts.

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some of my examples.

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Thank you so much! Your examples are beautiful!

Here are the two main character’s descriptions:

Skin tone- rose 02
Brows - round thick in black dark
Hair - long feathered in black dark
Eyes - female generic in ice blue
Face - diamond
Nose - defined natural
Lips - full round pouty in red deep gloss

Skin - rose 04
Brow - acrhed medium in dark brown
Hair - short shaggy in dark brown
Eyes - deepset heavy lid in emerald green
Face - chiseled angular
Nose - hooked grecian
Lips - medium heart in neutral medium nude gloss

Xena’s Outfit:

Liam’s Outfit:

(I’ll put the ideas for the different art’s in different replies to keep it nice and neat aha!)

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Beginning Splash: ’

I’d like the mature themes one, because there is swearing and steamy r- scenes…

For the look, I would like one of the two ice-y pic below as the background for it (or if you have/know of a better one, be my guest!)


For the ideas, I would like just to have Xena on this one! Liam get’s to head the last one ahaha…

Idea 1: She could be in the dead center looking back over her shoulder with her black hair kind of blowing behind her, and her cheeks rosy with like a ice-y nip to them (something like the sunflower example you have above, but winter aha)

Idea 2: Xena could be off to the side with the pose that lets her put her finger over her mouth, possibly with a wink (idk if that’s even possible), and then in the middle it’s the words with snowflakes falling around them?

Those are 2 examples, but as long as it’s similar to that, it would be amazing (:


(Let me know if you need anymore additional poses/animations)

okay, once you are done, with sending all, I will ask mu doubts.

For the ending splash, Liam’s the star!! This time I’d like something dark and more mysterious (just like him), but also twilight-y.

Possible Backgrounds:

Ideas: I really would like him to be winking with like a little glisten in one of his eye’s that maybe projects light onto the words ‘Thank you for reading’ . I would also like my if handle to be on there (episode.ewills) with like maybe the words ‘Follow Me on IG for updates & more’ (something like that).

Possible poses:



This is where I really want something twilight-y. So something like these two examples:


Possible Backgrounds:

If you can, maybe her eyes could be glowing like a bright red?

For the poses, i’m not sure which one’s you might need, but just let me know and i’ll send them

I could help, if you still need


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For this, I really just want Liam and Xena with their foreheads kind of leaning against each other, and their eyes closed… You can use like any of the background examples i’ve given if you want (:

Again, just let me know which poses/animations you’d need for it!!

Thank you so much for helping me out!!! I REALLy appreciate it!


Thank you so much (:

I’ll let you know if something comes up!

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Okay, I got the cover, But I am a bit confused for splashes. So you need 2 splashes? right ?
One is mature theme. another one is thank you for reading.

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And in one you have girl and second you have boy.

Yes !

Okay, what about the outfits?

They can just be all the same, I’m honestly not really in the mood to make like 50 different ones aha

Like the one’s I put with the description post


By when do you want it?