In need of Villains and Victims! New Story


Hey guys! Alright so, a story idea occurred to me, and I’m trying to make it happen. This might sound weird, but what is the the most gruesome scenario you can come up with? It doesn’t have to be murder. Just things you could make a show of (with people) and ways to humiliate someone morbidly. Yeah I know this sounds really awful but if you have any ideas drop em bellow :blush: (This is gonna be a strange story.) If you want credit, credit will be given.
Also, If you would like to be a character, feel free to leave a comment with your name and limelight character description. If you want to be a “villain” or victim, specify that.
Last thing! (Sorry lol :laughing:) Shameless plug for my already existing story, The Seducer. Check it out if you’d like. Beginning chapters are cringey, I know, I wrote them 2 years ago, and I’m trying to edit them. But plot picks up after, promise! :grin:


Hey I’d like to be a character in your story! How about a villain!

My Character Details

Outfit Details


Thank you so much! Villain it shall be


You’re welcome! Do you need me to pick like a Villian name?


Yes please :blush:


The Red Phoenix?! Does that sound like a villian name?


Oh sorry, I should clarify. Can I have the name of your character, just like, a regular name? But yes, The Red Phoenix can be used in a slightly different way (still going to be linked to your character :slight_smile: ). And yes, it does sound like a villain name! :grin:


Cool cool. Oh and my actual name is Charity you can use that if you would like.