In need of vintage cover art!

This probably will just blend in with the crowd, but I am in need of cover art for an upcoming story! It takes place in the heart of the war in a small city in New York. With the recovery of the Great Depression, Sage (the main character) finds herself working as a maid to support herself. The second war has been announced, and she’s a solution to the lack of freedom, she’s going to enlist. While at registration there is a mix up and the person thinks she is talking about her (nonexistent) husband due to the name Sage. She is now a serviceman, without even being a man.
Title: The Fools Who Dream
Here are two characters (if possible) that I want to be featured in the art:

Thank you! I hope this interested any of you talented amazing artist🥰

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Hey welcome to the community! I’d recommend checking out an art shop to request from as you can find out an artist’s style and request from them easier. I’ve linked one for you below. Have a good one!


I do commissioned art if you’re interested :slight_smile:

Hello!! :revolving_hearts:
You can check out my free art shop.
If interested, pm me and I’ll link you to my art shop

You can check here