In need of writing partner/coder

Hello, I have a few ideas in progress, and right now I want to focus only on one of them. But I need help with writing and coding, because I have no experience in writing episode stories.
I am mostly into drama stories, but also like when there’s a lot of moments with good sense of humor. I will definitely not write some comedy or horror stories.
My timeline is Russia, Moscow. My time is limited by work and studying, but I have about 7 hours on work days after work, and whole days on saturday & sunday. Also please understand that I have my own life going on with or without internet.
What I can do:
I can write and code, but I’m still not advanced at coding, I also can make splashes, and find and upload overlays/backgrounds, create/design characters & outfits.
I will tell you more about those ideas and we can discuss it later in private.
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.