In need of Writing Partner, Cover Artis, and HONEST PEOPLE to review

Ok so I am currently writing a story called The Sun Will Rise and I need a couple of people to help me out hmu If you would like to help this is my first story so it may be crappy just an fyi. PLEASE HELP

I can help you

ok with what would you like to help with

I can actually do all

ok sounds great can you help with the cover first please
SAGE (girl main character)
Skin: light
brows: seductive arch
hair: fawn beach waves
face: soft heart
nose: eleven
lips: blossom lips toffee

ASH (guy main character)
skin: honey
brows: medium sharp
hair: black man bun
face: defined triangle
nose: button
lips: uneven

Do u have a screenshot of them in the pose u want

I don’t but you can put them in any pose you want it cuz I’m not so sure on what I want yet so I’m just looking for ideas lol its weird cuz I have a whole bunch of ideas on what I want but I cant seem to put them in order so just be creative :joy:

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Ok well what is the story about

That way I can decide who they are to each other and there poses

its the typical bad girl and bad boy meet and fall in love

Ok pm me what u all of what u want me to do

well I have no idea how to start off my story

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Ok well do you have a general idea on how to spice up the story to make it ur own
The storyline u picked is a bit cliche

I know I know but what I have in mind is kinda confusing I want the reader to see like awe this is like those predictable stories make them fall in love with the guy and then boom the guy isn’t who she thought he was and the guy uses her feelings as a weakness and he tries to u know like kill he n shitt like I want my story to be the cliché but then bam you know unpredictable

When do u want ur cover done?

when ever you finish it I plan on publishing my actual story when I finish at least 10 episodes so take ur time

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Ok cool
I like ur idea for the twist to
Ur gonna run out of replies eventually so
Just pm if u wanna talk about details
Do u have discord?

I dont

Oh ok I was gonna say we could talk there but it’s cool

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