In-Progress Episode: A Maiden Most Desired (Feels free to promote your stories here)

Hi, everyone. This is a story that I’m currently working on. I’m completely new to the Episode writing scene so there are still a lot of stuffs for me to learn before I could publish the story on the app. However, I decided to make an updating post up here to share with you guys what I have so far and to help keep me motivated because “WHOAH! This is a lot of works!”. Also I thought it can be entertaining to see a story created from scratch. And, of course, feels free to promote your stories here, too. So here it goes.

Name: A Maiden Most Desired

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Episodes Planned: 3 seasons, 15 episodes each for a total of 45 episodes (expected to change)

Premise: the story is about a young girl, MC, being magically transported to the world of her favorite novel, A Maiden Most Desired, together with her best friends, Toshirou (Tosh) and Miranda (Meer). MC will ended up replacing the main character of the novel who would dies at the end of the book. The three of them will need to do all they can to change the ending of the story and perhaps find a way home.

This story currently has a planned 3 seasons. The first season will focus on the power struggle between two brothers of a powerful noble house. The second season will focus on the game of thrones between several candidates for the crown with one brother, depends on MC’s choices, qualified as a candidate thus intensify the struggle. The third season focus on the battle between MC and the mastermind of all the conflicts in the story, and her ultimate decision to whether to return home with her friends or stay behind with one of her LI.

Settings: the story takes place in a fictional medieval world where people are separated into the common people, who are the majority, and a select few who are magically linked to powerful spirits that granted them magic. The country’s power and wealth are mostly concentrated to these select few who in turn established the nobility, royalty and the clergy to solidify the country’s social structure. The nobility gains their magic from the spirits, while the royalty and clergy gains theirs from two gods, who are believed to be the creators of the world.

Characters: several love interests are planned for the story (5 males and 3 females)

MC: the main character of the story. A young girl from our modern world who discovers a novel by an unknown author inside her new house’s attic. She believed the book was written by the previous owner of the house. She instantly fell in love with the book and discusses with her best friends on finding the author and publish the book. However, at the last page of the novel, there’s a series of strange writings that MC somehow can read and upon reciting the words aloud, open up a magical portal that sucks in MC and her best friends into the world of the novel and thus begins the story.

Tosh (Toshirou): MC’s male best friend, depends on MC’s choices, a potential love interest. A police officer who is into martial arts and manga. In fact, it was manga that awakens his passion for martial arts, instill in him a good sense of justice that eventually led him into becoming a police officer. He draws manga as a hobby and his mangas are quite popular on the internet. A good looking and good-natured man, he got transported to the world of a novel together with his best friends after one of them unknowingly recited a summoning spell in the mysterious book.

Meer (Miranda): MC’s female best friend, depends on the choices, one of MC’s love interests. A social worker and influencer who has a strong following on both the internet and the real world. Her many connections allow her to live the dream life of both traveling and helping people. She writes books in her spare time. She was very excited when MC asks for help in tracking down the author of a novel she discovered in her attic in hopes of getting it publish. Unfortunately, they got sucked into the world of the novel after MC accidentally recited the summoning spell.

Love interests
Theodore: the archduke’s first son. People have great expectations of him due to his great looks, talents, and mannerisms. He was the favorite to become the next archduke but his stepmother, the archduchess, wants to replace him with her son, Leonard.

Leonard: Theodore’s half-brother and an ambitious man. He grew up being compare to his brother and developed an inferiority complex against him. He tried his best to compete against Theodore and had succeeded in some while failed in others.

Kairu: a mysterious, flirty noble who attended the royal academy. Not much is known about him despise his outgoing personality and flirty behaviors. He seems to have good relationship with Noa.

Noa: inheritor of the lost house. He is quiet and preserved. He enjoys swordmanship and seems to have good relationship with Kairu.

Rim: a nun from the church. A naive girl who still learning the ways of the society and the world at large. However, hidden behind that naivety is a cunning and mischievous girl. She seems to be a very important figure within the church itself.

Laika: the empire’s first princess. A sickly girl who spent most of her time bed ridden in her chamber. Anytime she feels better, Rim would help her sneaks out of the castle to go exploring. She surprisingly knows a lot about the outside world, she claims that it’s because she reads a lot of books. Only she would knows the truth

(to be updated)


Whoa, this sounds like such an interesting story! I’d love to read it once it’s published. The plot and the characters sound very unique and intriguing and I’m a big fan of multiple LIs. Do tag me when you publish so I can read it :wink: here’s my story by the way :sparkles:

Title: The Fixer
Genre: Drama/Romance
Link :
Instagram: @dynastywrites
Description: Power, money and influence. This successful Hollywood fixer has the perfect life. But when someone from her past comes back for a favor, everything is about to change.
Extras: Full CC for MC and LIs + 2 LIs + Point System + Choices Matter :sparkles:


thanks for the thread! this is my friend’s story :sparkling_heart: your story looks so interesting, i can’t wait to check it out as well :heart_eyes_cat:

Title: Sincerely, Yasmine
Author name: Abigail
Style: Limelight
Genre: Mystery
Description: You and your sister were always inseparable, but after her disappearance, you realize you knew nothing about her. 10 years later you’re faced with puzzles, leading to the truth.

  • 2 LI’s
  • customization
  • mini-games
  • advanced directing
  • point system



you should totally check it out if you like a good mystery!! don’t forget to follow her instagram @abigailxwrites for updates and sneak peeks :star_struck: :blob_hearts:

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The cover looks so nice! I’m definitely reading this!

Also thanks for your support. I’m definitely feel more motivated now. I’m gonna upload the character designs in a couple days.

I love how great these books look! This is definitely how I want my story to turns out, too. So many stories to read, so little time.

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Does your story have gem choices? Like outfits one

That sounds like a very interesting plot.

Thank you for this thread

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This story sounds so interesting I would love to check it out once it’s published don’t forget to take me when it is I would love to read ! Here’s my story :relieved:
Title: Outside the Truth
Instagram @eyahmn.episode

story description: she’s been outside the truth for her whole life but Isabella is determined to find out the truth about herself, will you follow her along and see the truth unfold? (CC & no gems)

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Hi, UwU.XwX :white_heart:
Your story looks interesting:sparkles: I def will read your story once it’s published :heart_eyes: Btw, I hope you can give my story a read :pleading_face:

:notebook: THIS IS MY STORY :notebook:
Author: Ava. S
Title: Love, Hate
Story Genre: Comedy And Romance
Chapters: 9 (more chapters coming soon)
Story Style: Limelight
Gem Choice: No
Liam Johnson is a famous boy band leader. Because of an “accident.”, he switches bodies with a GIRL?!?!?! Is this an arrangement of fate? Will they fall in love with each other?


Instagram: @ava_the_epiwriter

(If my English Grammar or Spelling got wrong please tell me🥺)

#LoveYou :heart:

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Thanks for the thread, lovely! :two_hearts:

Instagram: @epi.sam.writes

Title: The Art of Criminal Profiling

Genre: Mystery

Style: Limelight

Chapters: 8 out now!

Can Valentina, a successful FBI agent, decode a series of bone chilling mysteries before it’s too late? If not, she may just lose everything and everyone she cares about.

Full customization

There are numerous point systems with choices that matter.

Mini games and sound are incorporated into the story.

Hope you enjoy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: The Art of Criminal Profiling

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Thank you so much for the thread

Story title :- Darker than Black

Author :- blue flare

Instagram: @flare_888

Description:-Under some Circumstances you will have to act as Psychologist at the house of the richest people in the country , will you mange to keep your identity hidden ?

Genres :- Drama , Romance .

Current chapters :- 14(on going )

style :- LL

Choices matter

Points system



Link :

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