In search of a friend ❤️


Hey guys! I’m new in Episode Community and I would love to have friends here to talk or discuss smt :blush: I don’t really know how communicate with people, but I can assure we will get along great :two_hearts: And I started writing my first story so we can help each other with tips and giving advances) if u want to talk in private just write ur INstagram :3


I’m here! I like to help people with writing/ directing!

Do you mind if I’ll send you a PM (private message) for my Instagram name?


Sure:3 I’ll be waiting😊


Aww, I wanna be friends! @EpisodeGirl5678


Hey I’ll be glad to be your friend but I don’t have instagram. I would love to help and share tips with you,just PM me when you’re in the mood of talking. :wink:


Hey! I’m pretty active on Instagram. My username is caitoriri.writes if you want to add me on there! Just DM me to let me know it’s you and I’ll follow back🙂


Hello! My name is Gabbie and I would love you be your friend! I’m new to Episode Too! And I’m currently writing my first story as well! My instagram is fairly new! It’s @gabbiec.episode You can follow, if you want too! :slight_smile:


I don’t know how to communicate with people either, I would love to have someone to talk to. My Instagram is freakish._.trash



I’m also new to Episode and have just made an Instagram account to try and keep up with everything. I would love to make some new friends!


Oh! And my IG is @cordeliam.episode probably should have said that before…


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: