In Search of a New Coder

I am looking for a coder for a Friends-to-Lovers story. I don’t have any finances at the moment as I have suddenly become disabled with a rare condition known as TOS. However, I will absolutely credit you and recommend you to others if that is what you’d like. I can also offer a bartering system where I can create you an art piece as compensation.

Backstory: I was so excited to start the story I’d been working on for the last 6 years when I contacted a coder advertising their free services. We discussed the story and the terms of our agreement and then I sent them the script with detailed outlines for their convenience. I also made a new account and email so that they could use a common writing portal. Issue is, after I send them all of these they just ghosted me and haven’t responded to me for 2 months. I hope they are ok but until I get a response I need a new coder.

Hello, first of all I am really sorry about your condition and what happened with your previous coder.
I’m a coder, I’d be happy to help. All of my offers are for free right now (until Feb. 2023), in case the process of your story takes longer than those five months we can agrrange something when time comes.

Here’s a link to my thread, you can find a link with examples there or you can also check my instagram (@v.h_stories).

What I also should mention, I limit my services to coding only, I would only ask for changes of your plans if it’d be impossible to code (which is rarely the case).

Hi! My name is Chis .A need a coder too for my werewolf story. i have code the first episode and i need someone to check it and correct my mistakes. i will credit you work you can text me here when you have free time or on Instagram @chriskar.episode

I’m sorry, but checking and correcting other people’s codes is not part of my services. I am only offering to code the things listed on my thread myself completely.

Okay! I totally understand it. You can start coding it from the beginning.

I would not want you to stop using it and I wouldn’t do this since you already put your time and effort in it and I don’t want this to go to waste.
But if you are interested in my services for following episodes of your story please PM me here or on IG, or you can also write an email to including all the necessary information given in my original thread.