In search of a writing partner/ coding partner/ friend

Hey there,
I have just starting my first story
If anyone wants to be my writing partner then it will be of a great help and I’m also hoping of making new episode community friends :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Thank you for your precious time :heartpulse:


What are you writing?

Are you on instagram?
We can talk over there


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Hii I would love to help and also be your friend, you can dm me on ig @mysteriouswriter_1 and we can talk! :heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I am new to coding but I see myself as a fast learner, I also have a story of mine in which we could exchange ideas. I have also been hoping to make friends.

Hello! i am a new writter, well somehow, it’s my first time on the forum and i am a bit confused, thing is, i would love to make a friend and have a coding partner, i have the ideas, the characters etc but i have NO CLUE how to put it on episode haha

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Hi I would like to be your partner

Hi I’m in need of a partner to code my story (co-author)

Hey! I would love to team up if your down? My specialty is coding and i would love to make a story togther.

Hi, I’m a new writer and I’m hoping to make friends in the community
Instagram :@gordon_kecia_

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Hi, Welcome!

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Hey im new and terrible at coding/scripting if you know anyone willing to help me for free lmk i am struggling and i really want to make my story. My story is on wattpad (unfinished) but i feel like it would get way more love here.