In search of artist/artist

Hey there, I’m a new writer to the community, working hard on my first ever released story. I’ve been playing a little with creating a cover, but I couldn’t really create what I wanted for myself. So that’s the first thing I’d love to have someone help with, coverart for the story. The second thing is artscenes, and I’d love to find someone talented at drawing. I know this is a long shot, and that paying someone on fiverr might have been quicker, but I’d rather turn to the community for help. The reason I wrote artist/artists in the title, is because I don’t mind if someones able to do both, or I’d have to get help from two people.

If wanted I can update with some info about the story, but I’d rather do that after finding someone who is willing to help

Best regards

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What kind of thing are you looking for? and drawn, limelight or ink? :slight_smile:

U can go here :blush:

The Hershey Official Art Shop chocolate_bar {OPEN}

Here is my site/form it will give you all the rules when requesting from me and also a form to request from. You can feel free to PM me personally, or do it on here.


So the story is limelight, the artscenes I’d love to have fully drawn, but the coverart doesn’t need to be. It could be edited screenshots of scenes, and it doesn’t need to be that detailed. The coverart would probably be the main character and a title, the artscenes would be of the love interests and the mc(like most other stories)

I’m probably not what you’re looking for, my own style is annoyingly similar to ink lmao

I hope you find someone who can make some great works though :blush:

That’s okay, thank you a lot for the interest though! It’s nice to see how quick people are to jump in to help :blush:

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Here are some examples of my work:


Forbidden%20Love%20Small%202 Eastside%20Large