In Search of beta readers! *Will read/review/beta your story in return!

I’ve started a new story and I’m looking for a couple of beta readers to read through it and give me suggestions, tell me if there’s any bugs or typos.

If you’re interested, comment here or shoot me a PM and I’ll give you the details.

As stated in the title, I’m willing to read, review or beta your story in return for your time!

Thank you in advance,

i would love to read through your story! i’m an episode author as well, & i’m hoping to soon publish. i hope we’ll help each other as much as we can <3

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Sounds cool! I’d totally be willing to read your story seeing as I’m publishing mine soon and I’ve been looking for inspiration and/or people to give me feedback! Also, I love helping make people’s stories better as much as I can :smile:

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Bumping <3

I would love to be a beta reader for your story! I could record it while I play it to see any issues that may need to be addressed. I don’t have a story of my own for you to read though . . .

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Hi I can give you feedback on your story. Cant tell you much regarding english because it is not my native language but cangive you tips for storyteling and directing if I see any possibility for improvement.

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Bumping again :slight_smile:

Ill do beta 4 beta :slight_smile:

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I would love to help! I know a bit about directing too, so maybe I could help with any technical bugs/script issues. I do also have a story, but I would be happy just reading yours! :purple_heart:

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