In search of CEO meeting room background/overlays or combo of both


Title says it all!

With multiple chairs for workers to sit and a large meeting table.

I’m new at this so bear with me, but if there’s any suggestions you can give such as both overlays and backgrounds I can use, please point me in the right direction!

Of course, credit will be given.


She make great backgrounds its a link…
Just gotta give credit to her…

Another link–
She has backgrounds and overlays as well… But…
Don’t forgot to credit her on @allyy20

Another one is —
She also has overlays and backgrounds in it…
But if you use it…
Don’t forgot to give credit to her @Caitoriri

That’s all that I can think of at the moment…
Hope this helps…


But can I ask you how many people you want sitting on the table…


Hey! @azariasin
I don’t know if you’ll like it or not but I created an overlay (just yet)
But if you do use it please credit me on instagram @princesssana_sa or you can just credit me on @S.Dsana in your story…

Here"s an overlay–

But I can create more just send me the background of a scene of which you like the table and I’ll make it…



Hey! I made a chair overlay in example–


Not sure if you will like it or not though…


Moved to Resources section! :v:t2:


Hi! I was thinking like maybe 8 people? If that’s too much its fine. Whatever you provided me was awesome, especially the chair overlay :smiley:
Thanks everyone for the links, I’m amazed by users’ overlays than the default ones tbh lol


Also, of course I’ll credit in each episode/ beginning or in the ending.


Did you mean 8 chairs


Just apply the same chair overlay 8 times but with different name
Or if you want another type of chair let me know or give a description or a picture of the chairs that you wanna use as an overlay I can make them for you ust let me know if you need any…



That’s fine, I don’t want to cause too much trouble! I was thinking of just manually adding the chairs too. That way if I ever need a change I can simply remove or add one.

Thanks though for your help :smiley: I’ll credit everyone in this thread. I love the help I get here.