In search of inspiration to continue my story "Through Hardship To The Stars" *INC, CC, Romance* - Comment yours


Hey everyone!
I started writinig my story in September 2017. The story was quite popular (>7K Reads) and everything was good until I found a job lol. It was filling all my time I used to spend to write. Dealing with numbers and using only my native language in life made me feel so empty and melanholic that I decided to continue writing at least in late evening hours or on weekends.
That’s why I’m here looking for some inspiration from you! If you’re looking for some good stories to read, I’d be happy to offer reading mine. I’d really be so glad to hear any opinion about it here or in Fanmail.
All I need is a little push to start.
Here’s an information about my story. Feel free to comment your stories, I’d be pleased to read it and remember these good days I was crazy about Episode. TYSM in advance <3

Story title: Through Hardship To The Stars (CC)
Author: Claire
Genre: Romance/Drama
Style: INK
Episodes: 20 (Hopefully ongoing)
Story Description: From slave to strong beautiful woman Adele finds herself in cruel world. Will she able to resist her handsome owner?


I will read it and give you feedbacks


Thank you, it really means a lot for me:)


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: