In Story Shoutout Contest

Hey Episode Writers!

So I’ve been working on this story for 2 months now.
Episodes 1-3 are currently out (4 coming out this week)
Welcome to the World’s Most Eligible Daredevil Reality Show, were contestants must compete to win 1 Million dollars by dangerous dares and challenges. Will you come out on top?
Author: CassieC

As the description says, it’s a reality tv show, complete with drama, confession scenes, and a little bit of romance.
WARNING: Some of the characters in this story are based of stereotypes, and the story is supposed to be kind satire.

Apparently, including characters from another story even WITH consent from the other person is against guidlines, so please change your character up a bit from the one in your actual story. Modify their name, appearance, stuff like that so Episode can’t take it down as copyright. :butterfly:

Basically in Episodes 4 and 5, I have 3 commercial breaks to build up suspense, and I need a commercial to play.

The contest is that you create a short 30sec-1:00 minute TV “trailer” for your story, and it may or may not be included in the upcoming Episodes.



1: You must code the commercial out and send it to me via PM
2: It doesn’t need to be extra, but it has to look like a trailer for something like a new Fox show. It can have advanced directing, or even simple, but just make it look decent. (if you don’t know how to add in advanced zooms or lights, it’s okay.)
3: My story is in Limelight, therefore the promo has to be in Limelight. I’m not sure if you can somehow mix styles.

Feel free to ask me any question reguarding the contest.
Good luck. :black_heart:

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