In The Distance Promotion and Info Thread

In The Distance

Finally, I’ve done it. Here is the promotional thread for my upcoming story, In The Distance. If you like chills and horror, then this story’s for you! Please note that this isn’t a R4R thread.

Small Cover

Large Cover

What it includes

:hocho: Female MC
:hocho: Full CC for MC (most likely visual)
:hocho: 4 LIs: 2 Males, 2 Females
:hocho: Point System
:hocho: Minigames
:hocho: Important Choices
:hocho: Advanced Directing
:hocho: Multiple Endings


When tragedy strikes, dark secrets about your family are brought to light, and ancient foes are unearthed. Will you brave the darkness, or will you tremble?

I’m so sorry I can’t explain anything further without giving spoilers :sweat:

Main Characters

Sneak Peaks!

Coming soon!


How many chapters do you plan on having?

Around 12 to 16 chapters. I’ve never been one for extra long stories, and since this is my first one, I wanted to take it easy. Also, I’ve never heard of a horror story with many chapters before! :sweat_smile:

How will the point system work?

Okay, so in this story, your ending is determined by how many Strength points you will have. Each and every one of your main characters will start at 100 Strength points, and throughout the story, the points will be deducted or added based on your choices. If a character’s strength points get below a certain level, they will meet a very dismal fate.

In addition to these Strength points, there are also Relationship points with your little sister. During the story, you will have chances to strengthen your relationship with your sister, which was damaged when tragedy struck. These points also determine your sister’s future.

When are you planning on releasing the story?

My target release date is the 1st of March, on my birthday, as I was planning to do a birthday giveaway. I thought it would be cool to have a joint giveaway for my birthday and publishing my story.

Make sure to ask me anything in the comments! Whether you want to give constructive criticism/feedback or if you want to be tagged when I release this, lmk! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Also, check out my instagram for more sneak peaks and info: @e.p.i._jade

Thanks for reading this! Also, if you like it, then please share this post! It would mean so much to me :pleading_face:


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Now this sounds like an interesting story! Tag me when it’s officially published! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thank you :pleading_face:! I’ll make sure to do so!

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Aw, this looks like a good story to read!

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Thank you!

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I tried to find it to read it but I guess is not out yet, but can’t wait to do so because it really looks interesting.