In the Works: A Shelf About Big Mistakes and Plans Gone Wrong


B u M p


I love the idea of this shelf but I don’t really have any recommendations myself. I’ve read a few stories where I think the MC has made a huge mistake but since that’s not the story’s actual focus, I don’t think they’ll quite fit to this shelf :yum:


True, true. I struggled to think of some myself.
But you’re welcome to list those ones anyway. It’s my thread and idc if it doesn’t entirely match the shelf theme (sometimes the ones that end up featured don’t either imo)


Omg it’s up and there’s actual ones that were suggested on this thread on it yaaaay :blush:

@Sydney_H please close this thread


Oh my God, you made it! 5 stories of 9 on the shelf what we suggested! Well, I don’t know anything about the Instagram recommendations, but it was because of this thread, okay? :smiley:

It wasn’t picked :astonished:


Bumping the thread ish but so glad to see @goth.gaia, @BarS and @episodecray bless the shelves!

I like the fact a lot of underrated authors made the shelf and The Night We Met is finally being shown off - I love the symbolism and meaning behind the story so for it to be shared is so great!


I was surprised to see Forever Young not to be picked! Here’s to hoping the other authors recommended on this thread will have a day to shine BUT that being said, regardless I think the shelf is pretty strong


I agree, it’s great that they chose stories that are not all over the app. Special congrats to @goth.gaia, she made it to the shelf with about 200 reads!


And I am surprised, like I said I would be


Lots of hidden gems on this shelf! And congrats to my bby @goth.gaia :heart_eyes::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:



Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: