In The Works: A Shelf For Beach Reads

Episode is working on a shelf for stories suited for light vacation reading. So what would you recommend for this shelf?

Other shelves they’re working on:


This theme seems pretty loose to me so I’m going to take it as an opportunity to recommend @Annieways’ stories. Psychology 101 is a light read and it’s very funny too which is what I assume most people would want to read on a vacation :sweat_smile:

For more of a vacation-vibe story, Island Girls by Hannah Carly would also fit. I read it a while ago, it’s about three girls who finished school and spend their Summer working on an island. Bonus: it’s completed


Ahh Episode, you shouldn’t have let Amber have this opportunity :smiley: But thank you so much :kissing_heart:

I agree, this theme means the same to me as well, so I’m going to recommend some funny, light-hearted stories:

Flashback Friday by Daisy W.
Radio Love by Cribb
All these notes by TessS
Nature’s caprice by Moni M
Have You Seen Monday by Ruby L. Lee
Confessions of a Female Jock by QueenIvy


From A to Z by Amanda & Lara-Jane is really good ! Love the comedy ! :joy:


Psychology 101 by @/Annieways
Confessions of a Female jock by @/QueenIvy


I never quite understood light vacation reading. Does that mean like, short stories? Entertaining but not drama filled… or like actual beaches?


ONE WAY TICKET FOUR YOU by Cribb (vacation)
With friends like these by Claire (Light, humorous)

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Unrequited || @/fluffyrice
Sinful Desires || @/xxLoveAaliyah
Yeah… These two would fit. Although I’m still confused about this shelf lol. What is beach reads??

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I think just something chill that you would read on the beach… (Though personally I would not read episode on a beach because of the sun reflecting duh, real boos work much better for that). So like not a heavy, emotional story… Or something with Summer Vibes to it.


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