In The Works: A Shelf For Hidden Gems (another one)

Episode’s most popular shelf theme is back? They’ve outlined that it must be stories from up and coming authors with less thank 20k reads, published this year. The jury’s still out on what defines an “up and coming author”. Lol. So what stories would you recommend? :slight_smile:

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Other shelves in the works currently:


<20k reads total or on the story?


Good question :face_with_monocle:


You mean like more “hidden” gang romance novels? Lol

I’m not entirely sure if its still the hype though :joy:

We need more Thrillers is all else I’ll say…


Well do you know any thrillers that might fit this shelf that you can recommend?

Two hidden gems that need some more recognition :blob_sun:


Hm, I will go with contest entries, because otherwise I have no idea which stories were published this year :sweat_smile:

By the Book by Amberose
The Stars have colors by Shahar
AW: Generation XX by norfolkowl
AW: Planet 13 by SNEN
AW: Listen to the Music by Odilia
MC: Marry, Kiss, Kill by A. Beauty and Amberose
Clue: Wicked Eight by TessS
Clue: CYBERHUNT by Bel
Scottsville High’s Most Wanted by Andrea Hailey


Does it really say THIS year? I read “in the last year” - which is 2018 in my opinion. :zipper_mouth_face: That’s why I am hella confused of people mentioning stories which were published THIS year. Do I get this wrong?

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A year from today maybe?

I already added on instagram. but can I self promo. Retrace by me

white nights by Diamy

Yeah self promo is fine

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The Depths of Newport by @baechulgi

It has just been published. (I recommend picking been into both genders) at first, it seems very cliche. but it had 3 small plot twist in the first chapter.


Some of my favorite stories have less than 20k and I think they deserve more recognition:
• Fun sized by Kae
• The wrong match by Hijiko
• The dawn of resurgence by Ems
• Mission Become by Rachelle Faucet


Omg we didn’t see this notification earlier. Thank you!!! ;-;;;

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Bump :fist_bump:

Bad Behaviour by Aaliyah Ali
After We Met by Tay
Your Woman by wesley


Bump :pleading_face:

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Not sure if mine can be considered for any but best maybe the first and second? If not maybe the first?

It’s Tribe of Malapinchi

Sorry I don’t understand what you mean about first and second. Do you mean the requirements regarding less than 20k reads and published this year?

Oh no haha. I meant for Paranormal and Interactive categories. Sorry for the confusion.

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