In The Works: A Shelf For Pride Month

This thread is for recommending stories that would fit the Pride month shelf as per the requirement in the picture. Please avoid recommending stories that have already been featured on this shelf last year. I weirdly couldn’t find the old topic from last year, but here is another website that had them listed.

Other shelves Episode currently has in the works:

If you want to discuss monthly shelves in general, go here: Discussion: These "diversity" shelves
If you want to discuss the requirements of this shelf, go here: DISSCUSSION: The Pride month shelf-Requirements?
This topic is only for recommending stories that would fit the shelf as per what Episode has outlined. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Eternally Yours by @Alexmiw and Bad Behavior by @LiyahxWrites :heart:


If Unknown Past by Sayanjali Rizvi doesn’t get selected for the Asian Voices shelf, I’d like to recommend it here.
My other recommendation would be Out of Time by Alvar M, but I’ll be thinking of more.


College Days: Crystallized by @Unchartedraider.
Out of Time as well as Disconnected by @purplezombieattack.
.:DREAM ESCAPE:. by @TheRealKayElle.
Black Widow by @clarkies.
THETA 135 by @toriah.

Will add more as I come across them or remember them. :rainbow:


Adventurous: Damage Control by @Problematic_Patrick

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Yes please avoid this! Please! We need NEW stories!

Bad Boy In Town by Lilith Hills, which features a gay male mc, asexual character, and a trans woman later on, I believe the author is bi
*edit: i was informed this story was on last years lgbt+ shelf!

and my own story, It Was Written In The Stars by Mars X., written by a trans and pansexual author, featuring a gay mc, gay LI, and it will have a trans character.


This is a good point actually. Does anyone have a previous year list we can reference when trying to suggest stories that haven’t gotten any time in the spotlight?


Bad Boy In Town was featured on last year’s Pride Shelf :blush:


thank you for letting me know! im glad it was :slight_smile:


Breathing Crimson by Evil Ebonni

The Game by Amber J

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Out of Time by Alvar
(((Loud))) by Kay Elle

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Bad Behavior by @LiyahxWrites


I’ll link last year’s topic to the OP so you can see which ones were on this shelf last year.

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What an exciting shelf, looking forward to seeing what is chosen :yellow_heart:

Here is my current list, although it’s subject to change as I remember more stories later on.

  • Crystallized by Unchartedraider
  • THETA 135 by Toriah
  • The Game by Amber J
  • Scorned by Amber J
  • (((LOUD))) by Kay Elle
  • Wentworth by writer.LB
  • Blue River by Maddie V
  • Out of Time by Alvar
  • From the Static by Alvar
  • Black Widow by Clarkie
  • Breathing Crimson by Evil Ebonni.
  • Black Widow by Clarkie.
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Thank you so much for the rec ! :heart:


The team appreciates the recommendations guys :rainbow_flag: Keep 'em coming!


Undeniable flame by Xandra M

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I think my story Who I Am by Grace Colleen would fit as it focuses on the LGBT+ community and many characters including the main protagonist are gay, bisexual, asexual, transgender and lesbian (I may include more in the future)

As for recommendations, i would recommend Scorned by Amber J and Fixation by Amanda Michele