In The Works: A Shelf For Rising Stars


Yeah it would be great to see a range as I am on the hunt for a new batch of stories to read too haha


When I get my phone, I’m gonna use Episode a lot more.


Ohhh yay! Here’s to hoping we see some really great tales this week :heart::heart:

I want to nominate CYBER by Vivi - the plot is absolutely unique and the directing is impeccable. A very fresh and upcoming author who has made a tale to remember.


I haven’t heard of that story.


I recommend it greatly - it is in Limelight, and it is about the daughter of a CEO (they live in 2050!) of a virtual gaming company (you put on a helmet - oof I sound old but like an Oculus Rift?) which transports you to a gaming world and you are one of the only female gamers at the top of the league (she is asocial too which is explored). The first tournament in Cyber’s history takes place and life begins to get a lot more interesting too (in the game and the real world)




Yeah mix of sci fi and fantasy!


Oh that sounds so awesome! Must read!


Ooh I reckon you will enjoy it!


I think Episode needs more of these stories.


I agree - it would be nice to see a mix of genres on this shelf and future ones too to give us readers some range


Especially fantasy/mystery, like my story.


As a few others have already mentioned, I’d put up these stories for nomination:

  • What If You Were Famous? by @camilowrites

  • You, Me and the Beat by Anna (I read this a while back so I’m currently searching my head for what it’s actually about but I know that I definitely liked it and it fits the requirements :yum:)


I think the shelf will be out tomorrow? I wonder who they’ll pick, I have some in my mind, but just bets. :thinking:


I think tomorrow will be November Picks actually


November Picks would be my guess too.
Then Rising Stars next week. Then maybe the contest shelf :thinking:


You & @amberose were really right :wink: :star_struck: