In the Works: A Shelf For Sports and Games!


So a while ago I created this thread, in hopes that Episode would ask for shelf suggestions on the forums as well as Instagram. Shortly after, my prayers were answered, and we were asked to contribute to the thriller shelf they had in the works. But since we haven’t had another thread since then…

Credit to @FallenAngelNight13 for this idea.

Since I don’t work for Episode, I can’t promise that any of the stories you recommend will be featured on the shelf, but perhaps the following could happen instead:

  • Someone might post your story recommendations on the official instagram post for you and they’ll get seen that way.
  • Other people might check out the stories you share in preparation for the shelf just in case it does make the shelf so then they’ll be ready to share their thoughts on @FallenAngelNight13’s famous Let’s Talk About… topics
  • My feature request might get more support…?
  • Or maybe someone from Episode will see this thread and consider your recommendations for the shelf.

Let's Talk About . . . Game On!


I’d like to recommend Pregnancy & The League by Brittney B. – I don’t read many sport stories, but this story was about a POC (yay) MC, who is in a male-sport dominate world as she navigates her career as a advertiser (?) in the sport world. From the title and summary, this story seems pretty cliche, but I found it to be unique (and the pregnancy doesn’t kick in till way into the story.)


I don’t actually know of too many sport/games stories :flushed:

Soccer Moms: Blast to the Future by @WinterMoon05
Short story (that is already completed) about a soccer player who suddenly wakes up in the future version of her life.
Splash by I-can’t-remember-who-at-the-moment-but-will-update-this-once-I-check-the-app
This one was about a swimmer who was trying to go to the Olympics I’m pretty sure… I read several episodes and then lost all my progress so I don’t know if this has already been finished or what happened


The Trophy Wife


Great idea @amberose and @FallenAngelNight13!

Desperately looking for sport stories :flushed:


Thank you so much! :blush::blue_heart:


Oooh. Thought of another one: Ice Ice Baby by Kayla S
Competitive ice skating and it’s another already complete one too


le bump


On their insta they mention competition shows as a possible suggestion (doesn’t sound very sporty to me tho)


I guess that’s because this theme is a hard one.
I searched for every type of sports that came to my mind and I also scrolled over a bunch of stories hoping that I could find something, just because I didn’t want Episode to think we are not interested or important enough to be asked :smiley:
The only story I would recommend besides the ones you already mentioned is Game Point by Ambiancee. It is about a high school girl who works really hard to get a scholarship and to become a professional volleyball player.
I found a few more with a “sporty” title, but when I started to read them I had the feeling they were all about romance and they barely had any sport aspect.


I support!
My recommendations: Oblivion by Kylie.
The Trophy Wife by Told By Brandi.
Any Soccer Mum story😂
OFFSIDE: The Girl Coach.
My Skater Lover by Effy Ameer.


@amberose This shelf is now up❤️!


Thanks for letting me know :grin: (I can’t believe there’s 9 stories on the shelf!)

@FallenAngelNight13 You’re up :point_right:

@Sydney_H Could you please close this thread?


Of course! There’s even one featured with >3K reads🎊



Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: