In the Works: A Shelf For Thrillers!

Hello, Episodians!

The Episode Team is currently working on putting together a shelf for “thrillers”, stories that will keep you on the edge of your seats! Share your favorite thriller stories below!

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Thanks for reading and everyone have a wonderful day! :sunglasses:


Not sure if you’re allowed to suggest your own, apologies if not! I’m writing a thriller, ‘The Hiding Game.’ It’s published on the app if anyone wants to read it, :wink:


Finally! I’m glad Episode is doing this because when I go to thriller section none of the stories offer gems,
Also this is the least popular genre.


Hit and Run by Elise C (although I thinks it’s technically horror)


Can i share my own story? My bad lesbian stepsister (Limelight) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I wish you guys would make a “choices matter/multiple endings” shelf because I really struggle finding good stories where your choices affect you.

Haunted: Shroud is a good thriller/horror for the shelf!


Thank you so much Missy! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Can I second that? I love my story so much and I would love to see it shine one last time :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

There are lots of thrilling stories on the app but it is important to remember that thrillers are meant to be face paced and illicit emotion from the reader. They are also villian centric. But that does not mean that the villian is meant to exclusively be a person or character.

Anyway some great thrillers on the app that make my heart pump are…
Ley Lines by @Anya_R
In Memoriam by @Solarnebula23
Spotlight: Borderline by @echo.a.dunkelstrom
Haunted: Her Protector by @Courtney_Bre

And many more!


Amma just got ahead and suggest my own…

The Kettle (INK) - Lgbt+, choices REALLY matter, special art scenes. Blah, blah, usual self-promotion stuff.

Also just wanna drop in a quick few recommendations for Fragile Bonds, Mental Surprises, The Dragons Tail, Black Absinthe and Revival! <3


Mental Surprises is fantastic!

You stole my words!


Even the technically horror bit? :wink:

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FOLLOW ME by @clarkies
Cold Hearted by @MEA
In Memoriam by @Solarnebula23

EACH ONE is a literary bop, less than 10K reads, and deserves the world - literally, just read one chapter of each and tell me these aren’t some of the most blessed stories on the app before you get hooked and finish them/catch up when you should be studying for that Finance test

Directing, Overlays, Writing A+++++


Haunted: Shroud actually scared the dickens out of me, ngl. It def deserves a spot :heart_eyes:


Mira this is so sweet thank you :relaxed::heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Thank you so much!!! :grin: :heart: Haha yeah it’s technically horror but I think it would fit under thriller :thinking:

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Yes! Hahaha


The Game of Death is a really good story for this particular shelf. Choices really do matter and the story line is epic :blush:

Fragile Bonds by @HumanBean
Purple Envelope by @Kose
Borderline by @Echo_D
The Gift by @amepisode
The Stolen Child by @thebutterfly_episode


The Dragon’s Tail by @TheTeacher - Amazing directing, very creative and cool story. Some choices matter.
The Game of Death by Dan Waldo - Really interesting story and some choices matter.
Spotlight: Maternal Instincts by @EliseC - Amazing story about the relationship between mother and daughter. But at the same time really cool thriller story. Every choice matter and there are many endings.


Love you so much :sob::sob::sob:

But I need to add to this… “Ley Lines” by YOU also needs to be on this shelf. It’s one of the BEST thrillers on Episode :heart_eyes: