In the Works: A Shelf For Thrillers!


Thank you @Alex_Af!


911: Call me if you can


Aww no worries - and I really mean it, was such a thrilling thriller aha


Thank you so much for mentioning The Dragon’s Tail! :’) <3


Melrose is by Amy June
Rose haven is Aj Writes


Thank you!


I also suggest Haunted: Her Protector. I definitely didn’t see that ending coming :confounded:


My own story perhaps? Lol. Rosehaven is a Thriller and I’d love to see it shine, given it will end soon <3


Can I recommend my own story?
I published it last night, so it’s pretty new, but I hope you will like it.

Title: “I see you”
Genre. Thriller
No. of episodes: 3 (ongoing)
Sub genre: Mystery
Summary: The story takes place in a small town. Young women have been abducted and turned up brutally murdered, and they all look like you…
*limited cc


The perfect shade of blue by @Coovu


Love how everyone is taking the opportunity to plug their own stories lol! :facepunch:t3:


I love that story and the directing must have taken forever :smile:


I really like Maternal instincts. i think it was by @EliseC


Thanks :smiley:


but its true!


The Darkness’s Touch by Julia



I switched “Cruelty of Ice” to the thriller category!


Hi. I’m a new author and my very first story is a Thriller. The title is POISONED LIPS by Bernice J. I would love to recommend that. Hope you enjoy it.



I have a thriller story still kind of new but has been getting good reads and reviews so far!
Here’s the info for it!

Title: Survive the Night
Author: Renee
Description of story: Someone’s got it out for you and your friends, figure out why and what’s happening before it’s too late. Can you survive the night??
Cover Photo:

Link to story:


THE DARKNESS’S TOUCH is revamped :smiley: the first 3 episodes
Halloween intro was added :heart:
Go check it out!!! A review Would be A M A Z BALLS :laughing: