In The Works: A Shelf for US Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month


Episode’s looking for stories that either feature Hispanic/Latinx characters or were written by Hispanic/Latinx authors for a shelf. What would you recommend?

Other shelves they have in the works:

The discussion topic for the stories on this shelf is here: Let’s talk about... Voces Latinxs!


Damn, of course, this shelf comes out when my story isn’t out :sob:


Awkward… Bump?

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Thriller: Till Death Do Us Part by Lilly R


That’s a whole fact, A whole Latino ready to be in display. :sob::peru::brazil:

Wait, we should have more time since it’s not October yet. Or am I mistaken?


Bump pls

I’d definitely recommend Revenge by @episode.fwb !!! It is AMAZING, give it a read, I’ve loved every single chapter of it!! I really hope it will appear in the shelf, this story deserves it :100::100:

omg so cool! my fantasy story’s MC is half latina (like me) and it would be amazing to be featured! it’s Hale Huna if you wanna see if it’s good enough…

both fit my story

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What’s your story’s name? :blush:

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hey! i edited it above so you can see

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Cool! I’ll give it a read :blush:

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wow! thanks so much, could you tell me your honest opinion on it over PM when you’re ready? i would really appreciate it :))

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Will surely do :blush:

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when will this shelf be on the app?

bump because i need latinx story recommendations

Bumping this

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One of the main characters in my new adventure story is a Latina, as am I :blush:

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Bump because I think this shelf gets updated this week?

@Sydney_H please close this thread thank you :relaxed:

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: